Ancient VampireEdit

Ancient vampire
The Ancient Vampire is the most powerful of the non-legendary vampires. Thousands of years old, they command powers beyond the ken of normal mortal creatures. 


Bash - Basic Strength Attack

Mist - Spirit ability. Untargetable for 1 round.

Bite - Rage ability. Bonus damage strength attack

Drain - Only available after a successful bite attack. Does bite damage again, and restores health.

Mind Control - Spirit attack. Forces the opponent to use one of its abilities on itself.

Mental blast - basic intelligence attack

Stat Scaling

Strength - Low

Speed - high

Mass - med

Intelligence - very high

Will -  high

rage - low

Spirit - high

focus - very low


Ancient Vampire may help with the evolution of Legendary: Dracula. The NPC Vlad must be found, and defeated, then turned by the ancient vampire. After Three days in the manor graveyard, the Ancient must be sacrificed to the newblood made from Vlad. He will then become Dracula.