Baron Samedi (Zombie Legendary)Edit

The legendary Baron Samedi is the source of many a Hoodoo Mans big medicine. The lord of the dead, he comes to do the bidding of only the most noble of souls. 


Hoodoo Blast - basic Mental Attack. 

Firebreather - Rage attack. Large fire damage to target

Death Mask - Spirit Ability. Lower defense, strength and speed of target

Big Medicine - Spirit Ability. Heals all monsters in Retinue.

Big Bad HooDoo - Spirit attack. Gets stonger the more Undead you have in your retinue. 

Lord of Death - Spirit attack. The Baron chooses one character in the enemy retinue that is at less than 20% hp. That character dies. One of the players own retinue faints. 

Stat ScalingEdit

Strenth - low

Speed - low

mass - med

intelligence - very high

will - very high

Spirit - very high

rage - low

focus - very high