Animalistic in nature, this creature is the largest of all land predators. It's call can be heard across the continent, and it's wrath is great.


Bash - Standard strength attack.

Stomp - Strength attack, costs Rage. Behemoth adds (Behemoth Mass - Defending creatures mass) / 2 to the attack.

Eat - The behemoth eats defending creature. Rage attack, (Behemoth str - defenders str) / 2 for % chance. Heals behemoth 1/4 defending creatures mass.

Behemoths Wrath - The Behemoth Flails around the battlefield, attempting to hurt or destroy anything near it. Behemoth does "Stomp" attack to 1-4 creatures of the enemies retinue, and 1-2 creatures of your own.

Ignore - The behemoth ignores an attack too small to worry it. Mass / 5 for damage reduction bonus

Regurgitate - The Behemoth regurgitates a stream of bile onto a defending creature, doing some acid damage and reducing the targets speed and will.

Stat scalingEdit

Strength - Very High

Speed - Very High

Body - Very high

Intelligence - Very Low

Will - Very Low

Rage - Very high

Spirit - Very Low

Focus - Very Low

Mass - Very High