Humans are both a resource and an enemy to fight. Some of them have hidden talents, and some can be recruited. 

Humans will occasionally help you, but will mostly fight a Night Hunter. After the fight, you can choose to feed them to your monsters or use them for . . . "Breeding Purposes"

Human VendorsEdit

Any army needs food. Some humans have overcome their inherent dislike of the monsters that populate their world. For a fee, they can provide the sustenance needed for many of a Night Hunters troops.

Human BuildersEdit

Monsters do not a happy house make. Humans need to be recruited to help expand the glory of your manse, and keep your monsters happy while cooped up in your house.

Human EnemiesEdit

Most Humans seek to rid the world of the Night Hunters and the monsters they control. They will attack you and try to bring you down. Sometimes these enemies can be convinced to become friends. Others merely become food for your retinue.

Human ClassesEdit

Once they join your party, some humans can acquire classes to give them access to abilities and tags. Some Humans may even reach legendary status in their given profession, given the correct circumstances.