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  • edit NightHunter monster list
    edited by Tehpine diff
  • new page Manse
    created by Tehpine
    New page: The Manse is the players Home and Home base, and while capable of many great things currently stands nigh unattended and forgotten, down at the...
  • new page Laboratory
    created by Tehpine
    New page: An add on to the player characters Manse, the Laboratory is the wing of the house dedicated to Science. As long as it is properly staffed, the...
  • new page Zombie
    created by Tehpine
    New page: Your run-of-the-mill, undead and dead-stupid zombie. Shambles, eats brains, and doesn't much care for personal hygene. PowersEdit Bash - Standard...
  • new page Behemoth
    created by Tehpine
    New page: Animalistic in nature, this creature is the largest of all land predators. It's call can be heard across the continent, and it's wrath is great. ...
  • edit Tag List
    edited by Tehpine diff
  • new page Guard
    created by Tehpine
    New page: The monster goes into a defensive stance. Doubles normal speed boost to defense. Acquireable by: Any non-ghost tag
  • edit Human
    edited by Tehpine diff
  • edit Bash
    edited by Tehpine diff
    Summary: Bash:
  • new page Bash
    created by Tehpine
    New page: BashEdit Hit targeted enemy with your fist. Standard physical attack acquireable by all creatures that are not ghosts. Damage: 20+10% Strength Value...

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