The WendigoEdit



An undead, cannibalistic Yeti . Gone completely to pot, this beast will kill and eat any flesh near it. 

Tags: Humanoid, Ghost, Demonic, Nature, Animal, Cold


Bash - Basic Physical Attack

Gnaw - Physical Attack, Costs rage. Does damage and restores HP.

Fade - Mental Ability, Costs Spirit. Cannot be the target of an attack for one round

Terrify - Mental Ability, costs Sprit. High reduction to target defense, slight reduction to target strength and speed.

Gore - Physical Attack. Lowers Wendigo Defense, High crit chance. 

Cannibalize - Wendigo can eat another monster in the players lineup for a full heal.

Stat ScalingEdit

Strength - very high

Speed - low

Mass - low

Intelligence - high

Wits - high

Spirit - high

Rage - high

Focus - very low